Grandma Bees Natural Skincare
Natural Skincare
Grandma Bees Natural Skincare Products Intense Skin Balm and Nourishing Body Oil

100% Pure
100% Natural
Handmade in Britain
for people of all ages.
Great care is taken
to ensure all ingredients
retain their beneficial
and aromatic properties.
Unique techniques
achieve a beautiful consistency.
No water (aqua)
so the products go a long way
and last a long time.

GRANDMA BEES Intense Skin Balm was first sold in 2010

Grandma Bees Intense Skin Balm
a multipurpose balm
perfected on three generations
of Grandma Bees family
with beeswax from the family's honey bees.

Grandma Bees Nourishiing Body Oil

Grandma Bees Nourishing Body Oil
a luxurious dry oil
for the body and the face.

lavender geranium patchouli chamomile

Grandma Bees products contain
four essential oils:
lavender, geranium, patchouli and chamomile.

GRANDMA BEES handmade in Monmouthshire Britain

Grandma Bees Natural Skincare
is handmade in Monmouthshire

Lavender Geranium Patchouli Chamomile

Grandma Bees is a member of the
Wye Valley Crafts Association

Grandma Bees stall

Grandma Bees attends events in
England and Wales