Grandma Bees Natural Skincare

About Grandma Bees

Grandma Bees Natural Skincare is handmade in Monmouthshire, Britain.

Grandma Bees Natural Skincare is made with only pure natural ingredients. The artisan production methods achieve a beautiful consistency and feel to the skincare. Great care is taken to ensure all ingredients retain their beneficial and aromatic properties.

Grandma Bees started selling Natural Skincare in 2010. The first product being Grandma Bees Intense Skin Balm. The Balm's recipe was perfected over three generations, utilising the fabulous ingredients from the family's honey bees.

Grandma Bees Natural Skincare is sold at Fayres, Festivals, Shows, Markets, etc. at the shop of the Wye Valley Crafts Association at Abbey Mill in Tintern, and it is available online at

Grandma Bees